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We Bring Quality Baked Goods To Our Wholesale & Retail Partners

We take the hands-on approach over automation to ensure the quality of our frozen and fresh-baked goods always surpasses expectations—That is why our handmade baked goods have become flag-ship products in some of Western Canada’s best-known cafes, restaurants, hotel chains and grocers.

Every day, our customers, whether they are a commercial-scale supplier or owner of a quaint café, depend on Westside Bakery to deliver quality.

In our 9000 square foot production space, our commercial-scale suppliers and operators depend on us to provide product variety and consistency with quick turn-around time. Whether that depends on the large scale freezer or chiller capacity we have.

Our café, restaurant, Corporate Franchises and Hotel customers count on Westside Bakery for that made-in-house feel, taste and appearance. Our custom-made products are special to them, Westside Bakery is in partnership with all the major food distributors, and also provides it’s own delivery and pick-up options. 

Working Together The Westside Bakery is committed to building and maintaining strong supplier, client and community relationships, and eager to find ways to work with clients and industry partners on product design, development and distribution.

Our “white label” (non branded) baked goods also allow you the ability to maintain the appearance and quality of in house baked goods, we will keep it our secret. We are the one bakery that builds it’s schedule around the needs of the client, not the other away around. 

Meet Our team

Some of the People That Make
Westside Bakery Possible

Travis blake


kristyn carriere

Technical Manager

RIA-Rose franiel

General Manager