artisan-style baked goods at a wholesale scale

We take extreme pride in our traditional handmade, small batch approach to all our amazing baked goods.

We love the relationship that is forged when our clients take the same pride in selling our freshly made baked goods to their customers!


Quality you will love

Every one of our baked goods will triumph over store-bought versions. Just like at home our baking recipes are handed down, tweaked over time, to create a taste palette over and above mass-produced ones.

Our items are prepared fresh, literally starting right after receiving the order. Combine this with the human connection of hand preparing it all, you will experience with your first bite delicious home style baking that no automated machine will ever come close to providing!


What our Customers Say

To many it’s something as simple as a bar, brownie, muffin or pastry; but as the Owner of another Locally-Owned company, it’s wonderful to receive personalized service and responsiveness from equally passionate community-based owners. Thanks Westside!
Chris L.
The Westside Bakery products I’ve tried bring back the “comfort-food” feeling and taste to my local coffee shop’s offerings. Looking forward to seeing your brownies (and other goodies) at other locations too. The quality really shows.
Massimo S.
Wonderful Baking! Excellent Customer Service! So pleased to be working with this company and their people.
Yvonne w.
Bread and Butter Basket Co.

We have a mission to give back

We are advocates of playing a crucial role in the community. Family owned and operated, our proud team has given countless hours and financial support to local community sports programs.